The head or crowning feature of a column or pilaster
Storage units:
The Senate and Synod building
Building of the Kremlin Senate
Imperial Academy of Arts
The Kazan Cathedral
Admiralty building
Pashkov House
Demidov House
Baryshnikov House
Muravyov-Apostol House
Ensemble of the Spit of Vasilievsky Island
Old Merchant Court, Ilyinka street
Trinity Cathedral
Upper Trading Rows on the Red Square
Alexander Garden
Theatre Square and Bolshoy Theatre building
Board of trustees building on Solianka street (present Presidium of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences)
Church of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow"
Steingel House
Usachev House
Building of Academy of Sciences
Nevsky Gates of Peter and Paul Fortress
Gagarin house on Novinsky boulevard
Marble Palace
Triumphal Arch
Palace Square
Apraksin-Trubetskoy House in Moscow
Church of St. Catherine Church in Vspolye, Moscow
Red Gate in Moscow
Small Hermitage
The building of the Gentry assembly (Assembly of the Nobility)
Golitsyn Hospital
Military hospital in Lefortovo
Alexandrovsky Institute
Ensemble of the Saint Michael's Castle (Russian museum)
First city hospital
Hermitage Theatre
Saint Isaac's Cathedral
Khrushev-Seleznev House
Ensemble of the Alexandrinsky Theatre
Narva Triumphal Gate
Post Office Building
Church of Life-Giving Trinity in Serebryaniki in Moscow
Catherine Palace