a) The middle section of an entablature;<br />b) a decorative composition (image or ornament)in form of a horizontal band on the top of a wall
Storage units:
The Mining Institute
Admiralty building
The Moscow University
Gubin House
Baryshnikov House
Muravyov-Apostol House
Church of St. Martin the Confessor
Ensemble of the Spit of Vasilievsky Island
Church of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow"
Tauride Palace
Building of Academy of Sciences
Assignat bank
Nevsky Gates of Peter and Paul Fortress
Project of the Grand Kremlin Palace
Golitsyn Hospital
Ensemble of the Saint Michael's Castle (Russian museum)
Horse Guards Manege
Moscow Manege
The barracks of the Paul’s guards regiment at the Field of Mars
Saint Isaac's Cathedral
White-stone carved friezes of Church of the Dormition of Our Most Holy Lady on the Gorodok
Khrushev-Seleznev House
Ryabushinsky mansion